Sunday, March 19, 2006

Resting / Nesting

This is my wife. I am CRAZY in love with her. We went to a wedding yesterday and it was a perfect opportunity to get some pregnancy pictures. Now that she is "showing" I'll probably take some more every two or three weeks to capture the continued growth (not that I'll post all of those, but maybe now and then).

I am finally starting to catch up on sleep. So much was going on in my head when taking care of my dad and starting a new job that I got 3-5 hours of sleep each night. I'd go to bed at a decent time, so it's not like I was being irresponsible, but I'd just lie there with my mind racing. Yesterday was the first day in over a month that I felt anything like myself again. We spent several hours window-shopping for baby room ideas. I didn't realize how tough a decision something like a crib liner would be. There are so many different themes. It seemed as if we were deciding on what the boy will like or become already. Do you get the sports theme? Moons and stars? Farm animals? Firetrucks? For now, we decided on a simple Noah's Ark theme for the crib, and then just a bunch of stuffed animals for decorating the room. Reason being, it begs for interaction. I was involved in sports since I could walk, but when the boy is a baby, how would one grab a small bat from a shelf and use it for interaction? I guess one could make a "click" (bat-hitting-ball) sound and then make a "crowd" noise, but I think stuffed animals offer more creative sound-making and playing opportunities. Maybe I'll post a pic or two of the baby room when we are done. I'd post more, but I've got to cut if off here and get to more baby room setup tasks. The whole "nesting" thing is in full steam and none of the projects will get done while I'm sitting here typing. More soon!


At 3/19/2006, Blogger Patchouli said...

Tell her (again!) how BEAUTIFUL she is!

At 3/19/2006, Blogger CJ said...

i love to see pictures of women when they're pregnant. they're so beautiful, glowing even. your wife is no different.

At 3/19/2006, Blogger Patti said...

Your wife is gorgeous-inside and out. I was trying to figure out if this was your first baby. So I went back and read some of your first posts. So this is baby #1. Great.

What I find so sad is that many of our first posts when we begin to blog are our best. I was really moved by many of your fist posts. They are wonderful.

Praying for you, your wife and baby-in tongues.

At 3/19/2006, Blogger Patti said...

meant first posts-not fist posts

At 3/19/2006, Blogger Mandy said...

your wife is beautiful! thanks for sharing such a lovely picture. oooooh baby room creating must be so much fun. i agree animals way better than sports. can't wait to see more fun pictures.

glad to hear you are getting much needed rest. you deserve it.

At 3/19/2006, Blogger Mark D said...

Thanks for the compliments everyone!! I tell Cindy she is beautiful several times a day, everyday...and the beauty is inside as well as outside. I do admit to being very biased. Everyone has different tastes and different features that they see as being attractive, and God knew exactly what I'd find appealing. He has blessed me abundantly.

Patti, thanks for your prayers, and thanks for taking the time to read my early posts. I have so much in my heart that I still have yet to write about. I have held back a bit because I want to prioritize my time where it's most needed and also because I don't want to post so often that people can't keep up. I am glad my first posts moved you, but I also would like to think the best posts are yet to come. You'll have to keep reading and see if I'm right. :)

At 3/19/2006, Blogger Kitty Cheng said...

Yes you're blessed to have such a beautiful wife Mark. But at the time time, Cindy and your dad are both very blessed because they have you in their lives, Mark!

At 4/14/2006, Blogger Karen said...

Cindy is beautiful! :-) I'm very happy for you both!


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