Wednesday, August 08, 2007


I'm not sure how good of an analogy this is, but I'll give it a shot. It seems to me that finding and fulfilling God's will for one's life is like one of those mazes built of shrubs that people walk through. Sometimes you might think you made the right turn and then you find yourself at a dead end. So many of us come to those spots, breathe a big sigh, and sit down for a rest. That rest goes from days to months to years...and then the game is over. Sitting is more comfortable than searching. Most people I know (locally) are sitting. They have made a picnic out of it, complete with all the accessories. I refuse to sit. I have escaped death five times and consider each day to be a gift. Life is just too precious to waste away in our own little worlds.

I have found two things to be true concerning the pursuit of God's will: First, God is a merciful God and what's important to Him is that we keep seeking. Fine tuning our spirits to His voice is a learning process, and we will make mistakes. The key is not sitting down and giving up. Secondly, I believe the enemy has a "high-level" view of the maze and our progress in it. When he sees us make a good choice and move closer to solving the puzzle, he will send resistance. I have been dealing with major resistance for the past several weeks, so to me, that's a good sign that I'm on the right track. My wife and I are doing well, so it isn't really a marital thing, but it does affect both of us and our son. For now, I won't blog about it because it will amplify the situation in my head. I would greatly appreciate your prayer support.


At 8/09/2007, Blogger wilsonian said...

Your labrynth is an intersting picture to use... because there can be another solution with the ones made of shrubs. All those walls have the appearance of being solid, but they really aren't. Sometimes if we have the courage, we can push right through.

Praying, Mark.

At 8/14/2007, Blogger jel said...

will be praying !

Congrats on the new baby!

At 8/18/2007, Blogger Patchouli said...

First--more beautiful babies! That is the best news!
Secondly, is he really almost year? He can't be! What a cutie.
And, third, God is smiling on You.

At 9/29/2007, Blogger karen said...

This is a wonderful post, Mark. I understand what you're saying. Scripture tells us that God wants us to search, in fact He conceals some things from us, doesn't He?
Keep searching...I missed this post when you posted..must mean I was supposed to read it RIGHT NOW.
And, I needed it!


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