Sunday, December 10, 2006

Sheer Joy

I know, it's been over two months. I fully intended to get back into blog world, but then I started experiencing things like you see in the video HERE.

The pic is Aidan's first professional portrait, taken Nov. 4th when he was 3 month's old.

I miss you all and pray for you often. Hope to be back soon.


At 12/11/2006, Blogger jel said...

he is a doll!

At 12/11/2006, Anonymous Karen said...

Adorable!! I can't decide who he looks like...think it's the best of you both! :-) Glad you're back. I know it's hard to do, but keep us posted! God bless you all!

At 12/11/2006, Blogger wilsonian said...

Very sweet boy!

At 12/19/2006, Anonymous Patchouli said...

I knew you'd be back-- you have to post pictures of your Aidan, don't you?

I can't wait to hear some of your insights on fatherhood...!

At 12/31/2006, Blogger jel said...

Happy New Year!

At 1/01/2007, Blogger Godwyn Lim said...

Happy New Year brother Mark! May this New Year bring you wholeness, healing & prosperity to you & your family!

God Bless:-)

At 1/07/2007, Blogger curious servant said...

Just TOOOO cute!

At 4/07/2007, Anonymous Melanie Morales said...

I love this! Thanks for sharing! Made my return from my own long absence - while I can. Anxiously waiting for Maycie to arrive. Laughter is such a gift - both for the one laughing and the ones who hear it - especially parents!


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