Saturday, August 30, 2008

My Provider

As you may recall if you have followed this blog, a little over a year ago I had a decision to make concerning my job. At that time, I had been at four companies in five years due to three layoffs and one company buyout. My resume looks like I'm a job hopper, but on the contrary, I chose to remain dedicated to the companies despite their struggles, me being lied to and so forth. I'm a firm believer that when we prove ourselves in the smaller things, God will entrust us with more. I spent time in prayer about launching my own business and also did my homework in the form of books and research. Last July I started a technology consulting company and it has been going well. Currently, there are only two employees - myself and my wife. I am out doing the on-site work and she is "on call" to do faxes, calls, emails or whatever, which she can do while staying home with our two boys. The majority of the work I have landed has been at the same company. They have been happy with me and I have enjoyed working there, but each project has lasted from 3-12 weeks. Sometimes another project has started immediately after the previous project and at other times there has been up to a couple weeks' "break" (not really a break, because I used the opportunities to get some business housekeeping items done). This has been challenging for two reasons. First, because the projects were short-term, budgeting has been difficult. Secondly, there has been much overtime and several overnight tasks (due to migrations to production servers). The overtime has paid well since I bill hourly, but I would prefer to have a long-term assignment with 40-45 hour weeks. That would make budgeting easier and I could have more time for things I enjoy. I have managed to faithfully get my early morning prayer time in as well as evening/weekend family time, but little room has been left for much else. Believe me when I say I think of my blog friends quite often, even though I haven't written much. I look forward to catching up with all of you, writing more songs, doing more outreach/volunteer work, and so forth.

I've got three words: God is faithful!!! He takes us from faith to faith and glory to glory as we continue to set our hearts and minds on Him. In July I landed a long-term project with a different company - it lasts a minimum of one year and may end up going multiple years. In addition, there is rarely overtime or weekend work. Praise God!!

Despite the fact that the past year consisted of short-term projects, we were able to make significant ground in getting out of debt. Even with the "down time" factored in, I still doubled my income. We upped our giving to various ministries and obeyed God when he led us in other areas (and will continue to do so). Our Provider takes care of us!

I plan to keep the company where it is at the moment (two people) and save up for Phase 2. Phase 1, which was getting steady work for myself and catching up in our personal finances, is going well. Phase 2 would be hiring more people. What I need is an Account Exec to call various companies and market our services. This is something I could do, but since I am on-site at clients and billing the time, I am unable. I would rather keep the steady work myself, then hire somebody to seek and coordinate the new business. God's timing is always best. His Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. He knows my heart and holds my future. He knows I am looking forward to Phase 3 - the point where I have enough people and contract work that I can work move from doing the actual consulting work myself to more of a coordinator/manager role. It is at that point that I see the availability to do overseas missions trips and other things of that nature that are in my heart. I know that might appear like I am delaying things...not at all. There is a mission field here at home and I am on it. I am involved in ministry and outreach, it's just that the things have been local. I love to help people regardless of where they are. I am excited about the various means to help people and thrilled to have more seed to sow. More to come - thanks for sticking around!


At 8/30/2008, Blogger wilsonian said...

Dude! Glad to hear it is well with you :)

At 9/27/2008, Blogger Tony Myles said...

Bloom where you are planted!

At 10/15/2008, Blogger karen said...

How did I miss this? Time flies. This sounds AWESOME! Good for you!


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