Thursday, December 01, 2005

Memorial Stone #5 - Mission Trip

When I was 17 a couple reps from Youth With A Mission spoke at our church. They showed slides from various short-term mission trips and presented information about upcoming trips. Something leaped inside me and I just felt prompted to go. I ended up going to Mexico and the entire trip was an incredible experience. The bus ride there was a good time of reflection and five songs were birthed out of the solitude. I had taken Spanish for two years and was able to communicate better than I expected. There were three main areas of outreach: we built shelters for those who had lost their homes in a recent earthquake, we witnessed door to door, and we showed the movie "The Cross and the Switchblade" (in Spanish) and prayed with people afterwards. It felt so good to jump out of my comfort zone and share God's love in a foreign country. The experience was the first of three short-term missions trips I have been on and they all have been wonderful. So often we (at least in the U.S.) forget about how good we have it here. I never want to take anything for granted and always want to be "ready and willing" for God to send me out again.


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