Thursday, December 22, 2005

'Fear Factor' Material?

Ever seen that show called "Fear Factor" where contestants perform stunts and have to eat things that are unimaginably disgusting? My wife and I have caught it on occasion and she usually poses the question, "Could you eat that?" I tell her that if it did not involve chewing creatures that are still alive (I'd feel bad for inflicting pain on them), I'd probably do okay. Now I am not so sure.

I work with several people from other countries and we all brought dishes in for a potluck type meal. There were dishes I didn't recognize but they still looked pretty good. Some deserts were awesome, some were just average, but one in particular I had a very hard time eating. It was a "sweet" that smelled exactly like Icy Hot (a cream used for pain relief and also to loosen muscles - similar to Ben Gay). I used it all the time when I ran track in high school, but of course I never ATE it. This desert tasted just like it smelled, and I could feel my stomach turn a bit as I ate it...and I have a very strong stomach (only thrown up 3 times in my life). I managed to finish it and keep it down, but I really don't think I am "Fear Factor" material anymore.

It's funny how we get accustomed to certain things in our own culture and become "conditioned" to what is supposed to be good or not good. I never want to get in the rut of thinking that my tastes are the only tastes or even the best tastes. There is so much of the world that I have not experienced. It was nice to step out of my comfort zone. Maybe that particular desert is what they call an "acquired" taste.


At 12/24/2005, Blogger Kitty Cheng said...

Not sure if you realise from my profile, but one of my favourite food is chicken's feet with blackbean sauce. It's a cantonese yum cha delicacy. Many of my friends find it strange hehe.

Merry Christmas to you Mark.

At 12/24/2005, Blogger Mark D said...

Merry Christmas to you too, Kitty!

I'll have to try the chicken's feet with blackbean sauce. Maybe one of the Cantonese restaurants around where I live serve it.

I only saw one recipe for chicken's feet on my favorite recipe site, but it isn't with the blackbean sauce:

At 12/26/2005, Blogger Kitty Cheng said...

hey Mark, congrats on being a dad =)


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